Discussion Questions for A Light in the Dark


For all you book clubbers:

Discussion Questions for A Light in the Dark

  1. The beginning scene starts with Sabrina after she has been kidnapped. Why do you think the novel begins this way?


  1. Describe Dez’s support system as he tries to deal with Sabrina’s disappearance.


  1. How does Dez react to being in the spotlight of the search efforts for Sabrina? Why does he feel the way he does?


  1. Describe Sabrina’s erratic behavior in the first few months after her attack.


  1. In what ways is Sabrina unrealistic in her recovery?


  1. The story has flashbacks of Dez and Sabrina’s relationship before her kidnapping-explain the significance of those scenes.


  1. In what ways does Dez try to be strong for Sabrina? Are there ways in which he hinders her progress?


  1. Do you agree with Sabrina’s decision to move out? What are her motivating factors to do so?


  1. Dez decides not to take advantage of an opportunity with Alicia in San Diego. How might it have affected the story and the reader’s view of him if he had decided otherwise?



  1. How has violence played a role in Dez’s life?


  1. Dez and Sabrina are two very different people. What factors help explain their attraction?


  1. Why is Sabrina repeatedly drawn to Jeremy Harold?


  1. What other issues aside from her attack does Sabrina deal with as she recovers?


  1. Describe Sabrina’s sessions with Lyndsie versus Dr. Sam? How do both approaches help her recover?


  1. A Light in the Dark is a story that represents today’s culture. Provide examples.


  1. Why is the setting significant to the story?


  1. As a reader, are you satisfied with the ending?