The Engagement Scene

Another scene I enjoyed writing was when Dez proposed to Sabrina. It didn’t make it in the book either but it’s another good memory Dez recalls while Sabrina is missing that gives readers a glimpse into their relationship:

His neck still hurt from lying on the floor the night before. He looked up at the TV and considered turning it on. He half reached for the remote and then changed his mind. He looked over at the night stand on Sabrina’s side of the bed. He saw her pair of cheaters and a glass with about one fourth of water in it on top of a coaster Dan had made for her forty-second birthday two months ago. Another memory floated to the surface.

Dez had wanted to do something special for her birthday but party planning wasn’t really his thing. All he had to do was ask Dan for help and everything fell in to place.

They decided the party would be at Dan and Mark’s house. They had the perfect house for it as the floor plan was open and they had outdoor seating as well. When Dez told Dan what he had in mind, Dan went to town. He took care of the invites, the cake, the food, the drinks-it turned out to be a great birthday party. They decided against a surprise party because Sabrina really didn’t like surprises. For once ignoring that, Dez had a surprise of his own in store and he hoped it would make her happy.

The night went off without a hitch. There were plenty of guests in attendance from Sabrina’s office, her professional group, her old job at Devon and some of the people she had gotten to know through Dez at Champion’s. Even her brother and sister-in-law were there. After they had done the food and the cake and everyone had a chance to take in more than a couple of drinks, Dez decided it was time for him to make his move. He stood up in front of the fireplace in the living room and began.

“Okay, Okay. If I can have everyone’s attention for a moment. I thought I would take this time to give Sabrina her birthday present.” Everyone gathered in the living room filtering in from the kitchen and the adjoining deck.

“Now, we’re here to celebrate Sabrina’s birthday. And everybody knows what she wants more than anything is to travel. She did a lot of that before she met me. She’s always tryin’ to get to me to go somewhere. San Francisco or Miami or she even once suggested India,” Dez rolled his eyes at the crowd drawing laughter. “I just don’t travel much but . . . for her birthday, I thought I would plan a little trip.” Dez got down on one knee in front of Sabrina and the crowd erupted.

“I know this isn’t the question everyone wants but – Sabrina, will you go to New York with me?” Sabrina nodded, gave him a kiss and a hug and stood up. She turned around to the crowd. “I said yes.” Everyone laughed. She turned around and Dez was still on one knee. He looked up at her and motioned for her to sit back down.

“Okay. Next question . . .” Dez looked around the room and everyone started to cheer and clap. Sabrina sat back down with her jaw open knowing what was coming next. Her eyes never left his. “Will you marry me?”

The whole room erupted with applause and shouts of excitement so no one could hear her answer but anyone could see by the way she was hugging him and smiling that the answer was yes.