Deleted Scene #1

In the editing process, something always gets left out and it’s really all for the best. In A Light in the Dark, I had a ton of memories where Dez reflects on getting to know Sabrina. I love them all but ALL of them weren’t necessary. Here’s one of my favorites-when Dez recalls the first time he ever went to Sabrina’s house. It was technically their third date:

The whole drive over to her house he was nervous. Why? He didn’t know. He liked her immensely and she was easy to be with so things should have been easy. But he still had wobbly knees as he walked to her door.

She lived in a nice townhome on the outskirts of Edmond nearest the city. The neighborhood was quiet and very well kept. He had a more upscale home in Nichols Hills where Olivia went to school. He and Tracy had agreed to live closer for transporting her back and forth but he always was eyeing the Edmond area for real estate. That was his thought as he rang the door bell, anxiously waiting to see her.

When she came to the door and let him inside, his first instinct was to kiss her but he didn’t give in to it for fear of not being able to stop himself. He handed her a bottle of wine and stood in the entryway. She pecked him on the lips, grabbed him by the hand and led him in to the kitchen.

“Thanks for the wine. You didn’t really need to do that but I’m glad you did. Do you want some now? I’m going to have some after the week I’ve had.” She opened a drawer, grabbed her opener and started lining it up with the cork.

“Sure.” He leaned against the counter and watched her. She wore a white over-sized shirt that hung off of one shoulder with black leggings and her slippers. She opened the bottle with ease, grabbed two glasses and filled them each halfway. Her hair was draped around her right shoulder and fell just above her breast. He couldn’t stop looking and she noticed. “What?”

He swallowed hard and stood up straight. “Nothing,” he smiled. “You’re just . . . cute.”

She giggled. “Thanks. You know what? I did my research on you, Parker. I googled your name and your images . . . YOU are HOT.”

He shook his head. “You sure it was me?”

“Yes. Oh please, like you don’t know. It was a photo for your gym. Nice abs, by the way. Very, very . . .taut. You have quite a few tattoos I noticed.”

“Yeah, I went on tear there for a little while. Nothing too extreme although my mother about had a fit, “he shook his head and smiled. “I’m a grown man but she’s still gotta give it to me.”

“Of course. That’s what moms do.”

“What about your mom? Where does she live?”

Sabrina made a face revealing this wasn’t her favorite subject.

“She lives in Minnesota with her husband. We’re just not very close. Her choice I think but I am extremely close to my brother. He lives in Dallas. I love him to death.”

“Sorry, I shouldn’t have asked.”

“Oh no, don’t be sorry. Mom questions are very common territory. I just don’t have a common relationship with mine,” she let out a big sigh and looked around the room. “Maybe we should eat. I’ll set the table. You like roast, carrots and potatoes?”

They ate and talked like they did at the steakhouse. Dez talked about good times as a kid with his brother and a few escapades from his NFL days. Sabrina talked about growing up in Iowa, her first love and the last time she had a date. Dez was smitten. They sat at the table and talked until the wine bottle was empty and then he helped her clean up.

“So,” Dez stopped in his tracks, “I’m curious. Am I the first black guy you’ve dated?”

Sabrina put a plate in the sink and pondered the question. “Hmmm? You know what? Yes. But I haven’t dated a whole lot of people in my lifetime. I’m more of a serial monogamist. When I went to school in Iowa City, I got really serious with this guy from Brazil, Jorge. He played tennis. GOD, he was sexy.”

“Anyway . . . ,” Dez said with raised eyebrows directing attention back to him.

Sabrina laughed. “Anyway, he moved back to Brazil and that was that. Then I went to law school, dated a few guys here and there, met my husband and you know the rest.”

“Did you ever notice me at the Coffehouse ?”

“Uh, of course. Have you seen you? You never noticed me checking you out?”

“No. You’re always with Dan. Besides, I was probably too busy checking you out.”

“Yeah, I knew you were. But I figured I wasn’t really your type.”

“What? You’re so cute. You’re everybody’s type.”

“Oh, I don’t know. Strapping handsome guy like you . . .probably prefer them young.”

“Ouch. Believe me. Been there, done that and done WITH that. I’m too old for games.”

“Amen to that. How old are you by the way?”


“Oh, a younger man. I have two years on you.”

Dez smiled, surprised to find out she was older than him. He had ballparked her to be a couple years younger than him. “You make thirty-nine look damn good.”

Sabrina shrugged off the compliment and picked up the empty wine bottle from the table. “Wow. We went through that wine, huh? Good stuff. Luckily, I have another bottle so we won’t go thirsty,” she said turning around to him and smiling.

“Are you a little alchy? You’re already talking about a second bottle?” He teased her as he wiped down the countertop while she loaded the dishwasher. When she was done, she leaned back against the counter.

“I actually don’t drink that much. Just once in awhile.”

“When you have strange men over for dinner.” He put the washrag down, rinsed his hands in the sink and dried them off.

“You’re not THAT strange,” she said as he moved closer to her.

She looked up at him and he kissed her. He put his arms around her and kept kissing. His hands trailed the back of her neck, down her back and as they went further she leaned in to him. He could feel her hands around his back then move around to his stomach and his chest and then up around his shoulders.

He lifted her up on the counter and she wrapped her legs around him. They stayed there kissing for at least a minute. They were still kissing when she slid down from the counter pressing up against him feeling his erection. She stood there and kissed his neck. Then she grabbed his hand and took him to her bedroom.