Monthly Archives: June 2016

Readers I Admire

Goodreads is a great site. I love it to see what’s hot, new and on the horizon in the book world. Do I read? Not really so much lately but if I did I would want to read like many of you out there.

I look at my updates and think, is so-and-so really reading four books at once? Did I ever do that? I think I may have at one time but it was a LONG time ago. When I see readers tackling multiple books at one time over and over, I get a little jelly. There are so many wonderful books to be read and many of you are checking them off your list in Earnhardt-esque style. Good for you.

So maybe my new goal is to read more of your reviews of these books I likely won’t get to. If I’m not going to read the books of the authors I admire, I will become a reader of reviews of readers I admire. It’s still reading and who knows? It might prompt me to set aside more time to read books again.

As for writing, I need to do more of that, too. I need more time in my day. We all need more time.

What Book Clubs Want (or at least mine)

As a member of a book club since 2008, I know the importance of the coveted discussion questions that go with any book selected. While my book club is pretty stealthy with reviewing and analyzing a book, we can miss a lot and go straight to the food. The questions keep us on track.

When I wrote A Light in the Dark, I promised I would have questions available, and my book club taught me well. They don’t appreciate questions impregnated with a bunch of other questions. Twenty questions are good. Twenty questions within a question? Not so much. We’re a book club but we don’t have all evening.

So, I crafted my questions carefully, keeping their comments in mind. The one thing I failed to do was conveniently include them in the back of the book as my book club so enjoys. That would have been nice but now I know why that sometimes doesn’t happen. As a writer, and a rookie novelist, I was focused on the editing process so much so that I ran out of time to do much else. I forgive myself for that as editing is kind of a big deal. The discussion questions had to come later for the sake of the project and so they did.

I know a lot of authors make discussion questions available on their author websites so that is the route I took to make them easily accessible.

I know the Book Club Gangstas will be all over them, which makes me happy. I hope many others will, too. Here’s to happy book clubbing.