That’s a Wrap . . .For Now

Well, it’s about that time-the release date for A Light in the Dark. I can remember last year when I got the contract in the mail. May, 24, 2016, seemed ridiculously far away. “All I have to do is live that long,” I kept telling myself. Hey, I’m a realist. I know nothing is guaranteed.

But here I am, less than a week away, feeling like I am still at the beginning. It’s not over when the book is done. THAT’s when things really started to get busy in ways I never considered. Decisions needed to be made about the cover (that was fun), the interior, bookmarks, on and on and on. I had no inkling but now that that part is behind me, I have some time to be thankful. On this my maiden book voyage, I have had and continue to have what seems to me an unending supply of support.

As a writer chasing your dream, it’s just you in the ring at first, battling out the story line, trying to find the end. But when the round is over and the bell sounds, I’ll tell you what-I’ll take the people in my corner of the ring any day.

Take my parents for example. They have wanted me to pursue writing ever since I was the co-editor of my high school paper so this is a very big deal for them, too. Thanks to my “Momager,” my folks are even walking around with T-shirts that have the cover of my book on them. My whole life they have always done whatever I needed. Not always what I wanted but always what I needed. It’s a sweet ride to be their kid, even at my age.

My husband was the one who kept telling me to start writing. “You like to write. You should write something.” Something. What he didn’t know by saying that was that my writing would require a certain level of quiet in our rather small and modest home during the 2013, 2014 & 2015 football seasons. A compromise he hadn’t considered, for sure. But in the end, he didn’t die from surround sound withdrawals and he’s been quite supportive on the PR side of things, too.

I needed faithful readers along the way and no one was more so than my sister. In the beginning, when I thought I was “on to something” I would send her snippets to read as a litmus test for if I should keep going. She always read promptly and replied with a request for more. Of course, she did. She is my big sister.

I realized I needed some honest non-blood relatives and even people that didn’t know me or my family very well to read my early drafts. I had a lot of help there and encouragement, too.

My friends, new and old, have shared in my insecurities, cluelessness and excitement over this long process. None of us have ever written a book before. It was a baptism by fire for the group of us really. They truly have had my back.

You don’t get there alone, wherever “there” is and I do feel as though I have reached a destination, even if it’s only a temporary pit stop. I can’t wait to see what’s next but for now, I think I will just enjoy and be thankful.