A Good Day and a Three-Minute Panic

I had a book launch party last week, and it went better than I could have anticipated. I had nothing to base it on, so I didn’t know what to expect exactly. I just planned it, promoted it and crossed my fingers. You know what? I didn’t do too bad for a rookie.

Attendance was great, lots of friends and family were there and my book supply even sold out. My friend, Clay, described it as a “Sex in the City” moment. I’m a far cry from Carrie Bradshaw, but if I can impress Clay, trust me, it’s a good day.

As with any shindig, there is the dreaded “tear down” after it’s over. We were packing things up and slowly winding down with smiles on our faces when we received a call from home – the back gate had been left open and our beloved dog, Sammi, had escaped.

At that moment, nothing mattered. I bolted out with a friend ready to drive me feeling numb and not quite in the present. I ended up selling and signing a book on the fly to a late-comer in the elevator. A pet-lover herself, she understood. The collective beating heart of our household was loose out in the world and in danger.

Then, suddenly, she wasn’t. We got the call that she had been found a few blocks down the street and, just like that, we were back in book mode, loading things up and hugging friends goodbye. All was well. Hello, zero to sixty and back to zero again.

It was okay though. It seems my heart was able to take it. A good day had just gotten even better by thankfully avoiding what would have been an extremely painful moment that I hadn’t even considered a possibility.

Now, we are fence-checking fanatics. You can’t predict the future though, and you can’t plan for everything that might happen. It’s kind of like my party. If you write it, they will come. But how it turns out? Just hope for the best, do you best, wait and see.