We Need to Take Care of Each Other

I don’t have tons of money. I live a conservative, non-flashy life. My things are practical and necessary and you won’t hear me digress too much about them. If I was in a more comfortable situation, I would hope that wouldn’t change much but I also hope I would be as generous as my circumstances allowed.

A unique example is a German immigrant woman from my hometown. She lived with her brother and never married. Hers was a life of frugal, simple means. When she passed on, she left the town a few million or so. She must have acquired it over years of meager living never having spent it. She may not have been generous in life but her name has since been posthumously admired on buildings around town. It’s a perfectly executed story with a surprise ending where she got the last word. It doesn’t matter when or how you choose to be generous just as long as you do it.

That is one of the principles that emerges in A Light in the Dark. It may not seem like it, but we are all in this together and once we accept that, life can get better-for everyone. I know it’s fun for some out there to show off what they have-it’s become part of our culture. How fun is it, though, to have so much more than you need when you actually know someone who has so little, often based on circumstances quite out of their control? When you put a face on it, it becomes more personal. It certainly does for Sabrina in the novel, so much so that it becomes a part of her journey.

Take a current headline, for example, and consider all involved. There is such a domino effect. It’s not just about the perpetrator and the victims. It’s about the families on BOTH sides. There is an innocence and vulnerability that exists there if we are willing to see it. You can ignore what’s going on or you can do your part, whatever that is, to improve someone’s situation. You never know when that someone might be you.