More on Dez

Dez is my main man, really. He’s the leading male character in A Light in the Dark. I remember when I saw Dez Bryant on ESPN in a pair of bike shorts and nothing else. I told myself right then and there, the world needs more Dez’s. So, I came up with my own.

The name Dez is unique. I don’t personally know anyone by that name. To me though, it sounds strong, cool and a little dangerous. That’s my leading man-to a point.

My version is also a nerd in his own way and really not all that cool. He can’t hold his liquor and he hasn’t always made the best decisions. By the time readers meet him, he is a much better Dez than he used to be but, generally speaking, time and age have a way of helping that along.

So, he’s grown up, my Dez, and he knows what is important in life. But when he has to face an unforseen hurdle in A Light in the Dark, some of the old Dez starts to pull through. Hard times certainly are a good measure of a person’s strength. No one is perfect.

Dez’s audience will meet him at a time in his life when things are very good and then suddenly not. That’s when readers will really get to know him and see what he is made of. I am hopeful that his genuine reactions will not disappoint. Kinda like Dez Bryant in those bike shorts-it’s worth a look-see.