The Russell Westbrook Snarl

I’d like to make one thing clear. I am NOT a huge NBA fan. It’s a league that has become mediocre at best. There is really only one team I watch as a fan, and that is the Oklahoma City Thunder. Why? One player-Russell Westbrook.

Russell has a desire to win that is fun to watch. He has serious talent and can do things not everyone in his league can do-that is fun to watch, too. What also sets him apart though is the most definitive game face in the league. Whether amped by an exhilarating dunk or unhappy with a call, that snarl says it all.

I don’t have “the snarl.” I have my own version of resting bitch face but that’s different. When I see Russ snarl, I think, “That’s how I feel when someone pulls out in front of me.” I’d love to flash them THAT snarl as I pass them. It would be more effective than any word or finger gesture and would definitely get my point across.

I’ll leave all that to Russell though. He’s far superior at it, and let’s face it, I don’t want to get punched. But in my next writing venture, there just might be a character with a menacing snarl.