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I Was a Book Club Dropout

I am a Book Club Dropout

So, how does one start to write a book or better yet why? It was something I had thought about for years, but I lacked inspiration . . . and drive. I was reading pretty avidly though and that seemed to initially provide the spark that I needed.

In 2008, my friend Peggy started a book club, aka the Book Club Gangstas, and I was all in at first. We’d pick out a book and then meet the next month to chat it up – pretty standard. Several years in though, I found myself actually not reading at all. I still went to book club, of course, to eat and visit, but after awhile, I started contemplating writing a book rather than listening to everyone else discuss the one they just read (and I didn’t).

That was when my friend Amy invited me to a writer workshop, and I became an official book club dropout. I told the club that I would be back though, and, with any luck, I would have a book they could add to their reading list.

I had had a character in my head for a long time, but I just didn’t quite know what to do with him. Headlines at the time literally propelled me forward with a plot and a full storyline. I felt lucky and overwhelmed, but I just kept hammering away and four months later, I found my ending. It was a great feeling to be finished, but still it seemed a hallow accomplishment for me.

Everyone said, “Oh my gosh! You wrote a book! That’s so great!” And it was, except it wasn’t. To me, it was simply a word doc. That’s not sexy AND, in my opinion, that’s not a book. So, I began my quest to be published and a year and half later, the wheels were finally in motion.

It’s been a long, tough and trying journey at times, but I haven’t been alone. My friends, my family, my beta readers including the Book Club Gangstas all gave me the support and encouragement I needed. I am so grateful.

So, that’s the story of my story and I have to say, it happened quite authentically. What followed was “A Light in the Dark” and I have absolutely no regrets. The character, the story, the big picture, all of it means mean so very much to me. There are times when we all need a light in the dark and this book, quite obviously, is mine.